Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo
Issue 21: Mangamo

Issue 21: Mangamo

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The new digital magazine for pastry and baking pros!

Inside this issue:

  • Flambé and Brûlée: Engaging Diners with Showstopping Sweets
  • Jaynelle St. Jean: This savvy entrepreneur turned her passion for pies into a successful business
  • Seeking Creative Inspiration Through Sensory Analysis
  • Chocolate Science: Chocolate Solidification
  • Pastry Virtuosity: The Future of Pastry is Popping Up
  • Business Bites: Promo Logic
  • Flavor Inspiration: Combos and Technical Tips
  • Vanilla 101: Flecks of Flavor
  • New & Notable: Latest News and Books
  • Chocolate Talk: Chocolate Snacking
  • Five Tips Five Experts
  • Toni Rodriguez: Vegan Pastry Pioneer
  • Unveiling the EasyPaint Stencil: A Breakthrough in Precision and Creativity
  • Cottage Life: Expanding your Cottage Bakery Product Line
  • Philip Khoury: A Visionary Pastry Chef Crafting a New Way to Bake
  • The Foodbod Sourdough: Master Recipe
  • The Great Sprinkle Explosion
  • Teacher Feature: Melissa Walnock
  • Hazelnut, Saffron & Chocolate Entremet by Chef Ruchit Harneja
  • Chocolate, Cinnamon, Caramel and Mandarin by Anthony Hart
  • Fennel Mousse with Fermented Apple by Tara Lewis
  • Chocolate Tart Mi-Amère 58%, Caramel Puff, Milk Chocolate Lactée Caramel by Cedric Barbaret
  • Bebinca by Ruchit Harneja
  • Fluff Bake Bar's Veruca Salt Cake by Rebecca Masson
  • The Fall 2023 by Mary George
  • Flowers From Our Garden, a Touch of Citrus Fruit by Sebastien Barriere
  • Apple Crumble Pie by Karla Marro
  • The Dolly Llama
  • Pure Boutique
  • Bisous Bisous Pâtisserie
  • Sweet Dee’s Bakeshop
  • Par Julien Herman

Guaranteed to inspire, educate and connect you to the pastry community!

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